Business Equipment

Business equipment loans help businesses to borrow money for the purchase of business equipment. Get the solution for your business Business loans are an essential part of a company’s growth strategy so Regal Cap Group gives you access to the necessary funds when you need it the most. We offer business equipment loans that are […]

Commercial Auto Loans

These loans are used by companies to purchase new or used vehicles, and they can be customized to fit the needs of the business How Do Commercial Auto Loans Work? Commercial auto loans are designed to meet the needs of businesses who need a car for their business-related activities. These loans are often called “commercial” […]

Tractor Financing

Regal Cap Group provides you tractor financing and helps farmers to purchase tractors and other farm equipment How Does Tractor Financing Work? Regal Cap Group offers tractor financing that is offered to farmers. The loan is given in the form of a credit line, which can be used to purchase any type of machinery or […]

Commercial Loans

Regal Cap Group offers commercial loans that are given to businesses for the purpose of expanding their business, purchasing equipment, or other needs How Do Commercial Loans Work? Regal Cap Group offers commercial loans used for businesses which may be either secured or unsecured. Secured loans are backed by a business’s collateral. This is usually […]

Equipment Loans

Equipment loans are the most common type of loan in the United States Why Get an Equipment Loan? There are diverse benefits to getting an equipment loan. First, it allows people and companies to purchase expensive items without having to pay for them all at once. Second, it helps people and companies get their hands […]

Truck Loan

Regal Cap Group truck loans are used for purchasing or refinancing the purchase of a commercial vehicle Why Get a Truck Loan? Getting a truck loan has diverse benefits like funding for maintenance on a regular basis, purchasing spare parts, paying salaries, paying everyday operating expenses, cover taxes and license fees. How Does Truck Loan […]

Wholesaler Services

Apply now! It´s quick, easy, and free Intro to Wholesaler Business Loans For wholesalers, the key to success is continually looking for new ways to improve efficiency and productivity. Possible options include purchasing better equipment, implementing advanced technology, or recruiting more salespeople. However, obtaining these resources becomes very difficult when your customers take several weeks […]

Metal Manufacturing

Apply now! It´s quick, easy, and free Small Business Loan Options For Metal Manufacturing Companies Metal manufacturing companies must consistently replace and repair equipment to stay competitive. The companies that can accomplish both tasks with the most speed and the most sensible costs have a distinct advantage. They can keep up with surges in demand […]

Landscaping Services

Apply now! It´s quick, easy, and free Intro To Business Loans For Landscaping Companies Success in landscaping requires quality equipment and employees. However, both resources are challenging to obtain due to external factors like seasonality and increasing competition. Residents of busy areas have many landscaping companies to choose from, many of which might be looking […]

Doctors/ Medical

Apply for medical practice financing within minutes and get funded fast! Intro to Medical Practice LoansDoctors are the last people you’d expect to need extra cash. While annual salaries for medical professionals may be quite rewarding, the same cannot be said about the payment structure for a medical business. Between insurance reimbursements and patient co-pays, […]